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We are also into : - Design, Supply & Installation of On-Shore and Off-Shore Sensor towers for Civil Defence, Port Authorities, etc

- Retractable Masts for sensitive equipment (Radars, EO Sensors) with remotely adjustable height capabilities.

- Design of Top Platform specific arrangement for multiple sensor systems, taking into account clearance and coverage of equipment.

- Lifts for Towers, Lifting Devices for sensitive equipment / Tower Mounted Sensor Shelters up to 5 Tons.

- Developing concepts for increasing sensor capabilities & reducing infrastructure costs.

- Design & Build Operational Centres & Armoured Underground Facilities.

Radio Network Engineering Services

Gulf Turrets has hands of Experience on Installation and Commissioning of following RF Systems

  • Micro wave dishes
  • HF/ U-VHF antenna Systems
  • Direction Finding Antenna
  • Wi-Max Antenna
  • GSM Antenna
  • Tetra Systems

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