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We are also into : - Design, Supply & Installation of On-Shore and Off-Shore Sensor towers for Civil Defence, Port Authorities, etc

- Retractable Masts for sensitive equipment (Radars, EO Sensors) with remotely adjustable height capabilities.

- Design of Top Platform specific arrangement for multiple sensor systems, taking into account clearance and coverage of equipment.

- Lifts for Towers, Lifting Devices for sensitive equipment / Tower Mounted Sensor Shelters up to 5 Tons.

- Developing concepts for increasing sensor capabilities & reducing infrastructure costs.

- Design & Build Operational Centres & Armoured Underground Facilities.

Interior and Exterior

We specialize in a range of Aluminium products and services. Our custom made Aluminium products are known for its aesthetics, durability, strength, workmanship and quality.

Gulf Turrets provides the best in the Glass and Aluminium façade engineering right from the Design, Fabrication, Installation and thus by ensuring the quality delivery services at all the times.

We carryout Design, Detailing and Execution of various kinds of Aluminium works and its allied Services such as

  •  Aluminium Doors
  •  External Cladding, Curtain Walling
  •  Aluminium Gates and Windows
  •  Staircase and Hand rails
  •  Fencing
  •  Car Parking
  •  Enclosures
  •  Aluminium Partition
  •  Specialized Doors
  •  Architectural Designs
  •  Raised Floors & False Ceiling

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