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We are also into : - Design, Supply & Installation of On-Shore and Off-Shore Sensor towers for Civil Defence, Port Authorities, etc

- Retractable Masts for sensitive equipment (Radars, EO Sensors) with remotely adjustable height capabilities.

- Design of Top Platform specific arrangement for multiple sensor systems, taking into account clearance and coverage of equipment.

- Lifts for Towers, Lifting Devices for sensitive equipment / Tower Mounted Sensor Shelters up to 5 Tons.

- Developing concepts for increasing sensor capabilities & reducing infrastructure costs.

- Design & Build Operational Centres & Armoured Underground Facilities.

Telecom Towers

Self Support Towers

Self-Support Towers are made from angle or tubular sections based on the loading requirements and any heights ranging from 10 meters until 200 meters. Self support tower occupies less space when compared to Guyed Masts. Self support towers can withstand considerably heavy antenna loads, and can be designed to withstand wind and seismic loads



Lattice Guyed Mast

Masts tend to be cheaper to build, but because they require an extended area surrounding them to accommodate stay blocks, towers are more commonly used in cities where land is in short supply.

Guyed Masts are triangular and square (three and four legged) with legs of tubular steel and bracing of solid round bar or tubes or angles. Its size and dimensions are dependent on the loading requirements. Guyed Masts provides height at a much lower material cost than self-supporting towers due to the efficient use of high strength steel in the guys. Guyed masts are normally guyed in three directions over an anchor radius of typically 2/3 of the tower height and have a triangular lattice section for the central mast.



Monopoles are freestanding tubular structures. This composition provides an aesthetic solution and requires a small footprint. Gulf Turrets offers a variety of tubular towers with welded flanges or slip fit connections. For telecommunication applications with heights up to 40 meters, Gulf Turrets versatile tubular pole structures can be used for a variety of applications.

The following items can be supplied and installed when specified by the customer to provide a complete structure:

• Grounding system
• Painting & Aviation warning lighting systems
• Antenna brackets and supports
• Fall arresting devices and accessories
• Cable Tray/ ladder to support RF Cables

We Provide Hexagonal, Tube and Triangular heads.

Rooftop Mount

Developed Different structures especially for cellular and tetra market with heights up to 17.0 meters with a load spread on any type of roofs. We provide Penetrating or non penetrating roof mount solutions depending upon the customer requirements


Broadcast Towers:

Broadcast Towers are, typically tall structures designed to support antennas for telecommunications and broadcasting. Broadcast towers are supported on ground and they act as cantilever trusses in carrying the wind and seismic loads. Though the weight of these towers is more, they require less base area and are suitable in many situations. Steel towers can be constructed in number of ways but most efficient use of material is achieved by using open steel lattice.

Telescopic Towers and High Masts

Gulf Turrets offers high mast telescopic towers which are designed to consider the weight, tension, span, distance and environmental conditions such as snow, rain and wind. The telescopic high mast towers posses following advantages with respect to the use of high voltage underground cables Need of very limited rout and right of way in the inter-city roads and highways. Robust and ready to deploy in a short time

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