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We are also into : - Design, Supply & Installation of On-Shore and Off-Shore Sensor towers for Civil Defence, Port Authorities, etc

- Retractable Masts for sensitive equipment (Radars, EO Sensors) with remotely adjustable height capabilities.

- Design of Top Platform specific arrangement for multiple sensor systems, taking into account clearance and coverage of equipment.

- Lifts for Towers, Lifting Devices for sensitive equipment / Tower Mounted Sensor Shelters up to 5 Tons.

- Developing concepts for increasing sensor capabilities & reducing infrastructure costs.

- Design & Build Operational Centres & Armoured Underground Facilities.


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A brief though not comprehensive sampling of our product range and some industry verticals their commonly applied to.

Fasteners in high tensile steel  8.8 / 10.9 / 12.9 grades , Threaded Bars, Stud Bolts, Shear Studs, Straight Anchor Bolts, L-shaped Anchor Bolts, Wedge Anchor, Contact Washers.  Products available in a wide variety of head types such as Hex  head, Socket head, Allen CSK etc. Various thread types such as UNC, UNF, BSW etc. Various sacrificial coatings such as Electrogalvanised, Yellow Zinc, Hot Dip Galvanised, Dacromat or regular Black / Self Colour.

High Strength Friction Grip(HSFG)  bolting: ASTM A325 & ASTM A490 widely used in Steel Construction and Pre-Engineered steel building (PEB) industry. Assemblies with compatible ASTM A563 Nuts & Hardened ASTM F436 washers.  Also available "Squirter" Direct Tension Indicators (DTI's), DIN 6914 & BS 4395 assemblies.

Stainless Steel Fasteners: Products available in Gr 304 (A2-70) & Gr 316 (A4-70/80) with a wide variety of head types. Stainless Steel Self tapping and Self Drilling Screws for the PEB industry.

Products available adhering to the following International Standards

American ASTM Standard
British BS Standard
German DIN Standard

Besides the above products we stock a wide variety of specialized fasteners and can also supply customized solutions to meet specific requirements. 

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